Our Philosophy

At New LA Elementary, we believe that every child has strengths and needs and is entitled to a rich, appropriate education that will maximize her potential for a productive and successful life. We also believe that communities thrive when they include people of all different abilities and that an inclusive environment promotes tolerance and mutual respect. To that end, our philosophy is to include children with disabilities in our general education classrooms whenever possible. In the event that children need to be pulled out for special education services, their time outside of the classroom is as limited as possible; for true inclusion benefits all members of the community, regardless of their abilities and disabilities. 

Our Process

"Every child 

is a different

kind of flower,

and all

together make

this world a



- Anonymous

How it works

Children who enter New LA Elementary with IEPs are fully entitled to the services as indicated on their IEPs. For children who do not have IEPs yet but who might qualify for special education services, we follow the legal process and timelines mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act (IDEA), the federal law designed to ensure children with special needs receive appropriate educations. 

If a parent/guardian believes that her child might qualify for special education services, she should be in contact with Deborah Musher, the Special Education Coordinator, or the child's classroom teacher as soon as possible. We will assist the parent in beginning the assessment process.

All related services for which a child qualifies, including but not limited to speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, physical therapy, and resource room instruction are provided at New LA by credentialed providers. In accordance with our inclusive practices, whenever possible, these services are provided within the classroom with a push-in model. Otherwise, they are provided on-campus with a pull-out model.

Parent Involvement

At New LA Elementary, we believe that our students' parents know their children best. For this reason, parents are true partners in the special education process. Our IEP meetings are collaborative, where all participants are given opportunities to ask questions and provide recommendations and suggestions. For a full list of resources for parents of children with IEPs, please see the Resources tab on this website.